Use InstaRemind on your Mac

With InstaRemind, you can quickly add reminders to your Apple Reminder app, add reminders to lists, give them a due date and more.

Open and create reminders

  1. Click to open the menu bar app menu.
  2. Click "Open Reminders", to open the Apple Reminders app.
  3. Click "Create reminder", or press your selfmade shortcut (see preferences) to quickly create a reminder.
    InstaRemind icon in Menu bar

  4. Type your reminder and click enter to save it. Create reminder in InstaRemind
    • To add a reminder to a specific list, use “#”
    • To add a date, just fill in a date - formatted by dd/MM or MM/dd (depending your preferences). 
    • To add a time, just fill in the time. You have the option to choose between am/pm time (eg. 2:30pm) or the option to provide time at a 24h base (eg. 14:30)  
    • To add priorities, simply type p1 (high priority), p2 (medium priority), p3 (low priority)  
    • If you want to create multiple reminders, you can use option+enter to set the reminder, but keep the window open to immediately add another reminder.  
    • By clicking on the list or date tag, you'll open a helper to either let you change the selected list or change the selected date.  

Auto launch and shortcuts

  1. Click again on the menubar icon and click "Preferences".  
  2. General preferences:
  3. InstaRemind general preferences
    • Startup: When you select this checkbox, the app will start automatically when you log in to your mac
    • Hotkey: Tap the button and create your own personal global shortcut. After setting the shortcut you will be able to create a reminder from anywhere on your mac when pressing the shortcut on your keyboard.
  4. Advanced Preferences:
  5. InstaRemind icon in Menu bar
    • Path to reminders: Click on the icon to select the path to your Apple Reminders app.
    • Default time: When toggled on - a reminder with a due date will have the default time defined in the advanced settings, unless you provide a time yourself. When toggled of and you didn't provide a time at your due date, the reminder will be set on the complete day of that due date without a time notion.
    • Date format: By clicking on the picker you can select a date format that you like. This dateformat decides on how to add dates when creating a reminder. (dd/MM - day/month, MM/dd - month/day)
    • Key for today: Set your own key ('independent word') to flawlessly create a reminder for today. eg.: key = today; "Cleanup today" will create a reminder "Cleanup" on today at your preferred default time.
    • Key for tomorrow: Set your own key ('independent word') to flawlessly create a reminder for tomorrow. eg.: key = tomorrow; "Cleanup tomorrow" will create a reminder "Cleanup" on tomorrow at your preferred default time.

InstaRemind icon in Menu bar
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