Quickly create Apple Reminders

Improve your productivity by extending your Apple Reminders with the InstaRemind app and instantly create reminders like never before.

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Simply create your personal global shortcut you'd like to use and instantly create reminders from anywhere on your mac.

Lists & Dates

Add reminders immediately to your personal lists and add due dates.


Fully customize to your needs, advanced preferences will give you many more options which will help you to create reminders to your own needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add flags via InstaRemind?

Unfortunately at this moment Apple doesn't allow us to add flags via InstaRemind. We filed this at Apple and hopefully we'll be able to implement this soon!

How can I set a default list?

At this moment Apple doesn't allow us to change the default list via InstaRemind. However you can just change the default list by going to the Apple Reminders app and open the preferences window. Here you can choose your default list.

Can I try before I buy?

Unfortunately not, we fully support our product and only ask a one time fixed fee, there are no subscriptions in the app and we keep updating the app for free.

How can we track upcoming updates?

Follow us on Twitter. We post regular sneekpeaks and update announcements. In the help section of the preferences, you can find an update banner if one is available and you can also check our latest changelog.